Build a profitable real estate investment portfolio.

Research and evaluate rental properties for potential profitability.

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Find amazing rental property deals.

Search any property address and find your costs. Our instant analysis will reveal a great deal. Even compare multiple properties in the same area or neighborhood to find a winner.

If you’re considering middle-class income property, then schools assigned to that area should reflect that. Great schools mean long-term tenants.

Did someone just buy the property you were looking at last month for half the price? Just because the price seems fair doesn’t mean there isn’t room for negotiation. Get the full sales history of every property.

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Learn how to make your money back fast!

Don’t guess the value of your investment, calculate it! An investment property is more than just monthly profit. It’s time you saw the full picture.

Interested in a cash-out refinance? Visualize exactly when that makes sense. Looking for long-term, short-term, or AirBnB rental properties? We can calculate that!

Want to understand what a 1% increase in property management does to your profit over 10 years? Yup, we do that too.

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Remove confusion and keep it organized.

Enter any address and instantly understand possible income, appreciation, and equity in any potential rental property. Run any simulation you want and stay cash positive.

Group multiple properties together to quickly view what your income and expenses look like. Save every deal and compare the return of different neighborhoods and states.

Plan for the best and prepare for the worst by building up a monthly reserve. We help you figure out how much you need to save every month and how that affects what you withdraw monthly.

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Ditch the complicated spreadsheets
and let investable do the math.

Analyze any potential investment property for maximum profitability. A great investment begins with bulletproof math. And we do that work for you!

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Up to 10 property searches a month.



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Up to 50 property searches a month. Plus member-only podcasts, ebooks, videos and more.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try investable for free?

Absolutely. All of our plans include a free property search. Once you sign up, you’ll go through our onboarding and be up in running in just minutes. We’ll email you a few days before your trial runs out so you cancel if Investable isn’t for you.

Will I need to commit to a long-term contract?

Nope. You can cancel your plan at any time.

What if I go over my monthly search limit?

No problem. You can either wait until the following month when your search limit resets, or just upgrade your account to the next package.

Can I use investable for my client work?

Sure. As long as you have enough searches in your plan, you can use them for you or whoever you want.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you started using Investable and it’s within 14 days, we’ll issue you a refund no questions asked.

Can you help me get setup?

If needed, yes, we can help. However, what makes Investable so great is its ease of use. Once you login, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

Start Your FREE Property Analysis

Get started today with a FREE property analysis.

  • Find out if you’re getting a good deal and what your costs are.
  • View your total investment’s value over time.
  • Simulate worst-case scenarios to see if you’re still cash positive.
  • Discover how changes in your mortgage affect your cashflow.
  • Member-only podcasts, ebooks, and more.